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Port url/server address (used for certain apps. Do not use to download apps):

1. Go to Settings -> My Fire TV -> Developer options and turn on “apps from unknown sources.” If Developer Mode is not located between the tabs About and Legal & Compliance, then you will have to go Fire TV Stick, it can say Fire TV stick light, or Fire TV. Once located you will click on the Fire TV Stick 7x or seven times. Once done so click back and you see Developer Mode or it may say Developer Options. Then click in Developer Mode to see that you will have ADB Debugging which will need to be in off mode and you will also have a tab for Install Unknown Apps.

2. Download “downloader” from the Amazon App store using the search option.

3. Open downloader and input 96710 in the URL browser. This will allow you to download any of the stn apps.See individual downloader codes below.

4. Select one of the Streaming TV Now apps and click to install.

1. Turn on apps from unknown sources (this step varies by device).

2. Open a web browser and go-to

3. Select one of the Streaming TV Now apps and the download should start.

4. Install the app.

All apps: 96710 OR
Smarters Version: 40574 OR
XC Version: 63988 OR
Tivimate (Premium): 82099 OR (

Vodflix: 78568 OR
Cinema Premium: 62397 OR
TiviMate (Standard): 71092 OR
Installing Streaming TV Now Using a Smart TV
Direct installation on a smart tv will vary. Our preferred app is IPTV Smarters. You will need to enter your app username and password and the port URL/host –

Installing Streaming TV Now Using iPhone/iPad –
Port url/server address link:
The link above is the best one found for iPhone/iPad
No MAG boxes or Roku devices.
Not Compatible with SOPlayer.

24/7 Support

You will need to add Discord App to your Mobile or Compatible Device for any streaming or trouble shooting issues with the apps.

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